Events Organized by "Otets Paisii"
and/or his members

Concert of works
Panos Triantafillidis

Parnassos Hall,
18 April 1995


  • Galia Yoncheva - soprano
  • Christina Angelakova - mezzo soprano
  • Daniela Antonova - Piano
  • Snezhana Barova - Piano
  • Ventsislav Kintaloff - flute (all from the Sofia National Opera)
  • Emil Handzhieff - Percussion (a Bulgarian working in Athens)


  • Bulvar Enterprises Ltd
  • Delta A.E.
  • Aidinis Catering

Concerts of
Stefka Sabotinova

Parnassos Hall - Athens
Psyhiko Municipality - Athens
Sparta Municipality
11-14 November 1996


  • Stefka Sabotinova - solist
  • Vladimir Kouzov - solist
  • Nikola Kolev - accordion
  • Todor Traichev - guitar


  • Bulvar Enterprises Ltd
  • The Municipality of Psychiko
  • The Municipality of Sparta

Exhibition of

Psyhiko Municipality - Athens
13 November 1996
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Svetla comes from the coastal area of the Black Sea, from the city of Bourgas - Bulgaria. She studied at the "Nikolai Pavlovich" Academy of Fine Arts. Svetla is living and working in Athens since 1990.

"Her art is of the sort which invites you at first, then demands your individued attention on a journey into the deep caves of reality and beyond reality. And when you return, you are thankful for having accepted the invitation: better aware of your beginning and end, richer in the way of proceeding from beginning to end. Which is what art is all about, regardless of genre, mode of expression and/or idea and intent behind it"

Manolis Polentas, PhD, Athens News, 21.4.1996

"Svetla employees passionate brush work
and pastel on canvas to swirl her colors
in indulating rythms. Her seductive imagery
is ensconced in a whimsical reality.
Contrasts in light and shadow intensify the
unique juxtaposition of disparate objects,
such as free floating eyes in seas of cosmic
dreamspaces. She reveals the extreme
opposities as well as the harmonies in nature.

Gordon Dane, Art Critic,
Manhattan Arts International, Fall 1996.

Concert of
the "Alexander Nevski"
Temple Monument of Sofia

Athens College,
Psychiko, Athens
22 December 1996


The famous mixed choir
of the "Alexander Nevski" temple monument
will perform for the extremely chosen public
of the leading Athens college.


  • The Athens College
  • The Municipality of Psychiko